Due to my personality, I love supporting small business and women owned business. I found Switch2Pure ,an organic beauty retailing compan...

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Due to my personality, I love supporting small business and women owned business. I found Switch2Pure,an organic beauty retailing company , through their pop up store in the River Oaks District (located in Uptown Houston). I did some research and the company is founded by a woman with the mission to providing organic beauty solutions and a wellness approach to life. Many of the products, I found, are reasonably priced. Just like any other store, there are higher priced items that might not be budget friendly, but my focus for this post is a few of the more budget friendly items that I am trialing. If you are looking for organic beauty products, this company's site is definitely the place to check out. 

ECO.Face Vitamin C Serum

It should come as no surprise that I'm trialing a vitamin C serum since vitamin C has been known to help with pigmentation issues and overall brighten the skin. I struggle with acne scarring on my face so I asked what would be the best product to try and was pointed to this. 

Product Type: Serum 
Product Price: $26.00
Product Promises: "A powerful Vitamin C serum filled with rich antioxidants and natural anti-aging ingredients like rosehip, milk thistle and sea-buckthorn-that also help reduce pigmentation and redness, while boosting elasticity, hydration and cell rejuvenation, leaving the skin more even-toned, smoother and glowing."
Product Usage: 15 Days
Product Findings:  My skin definitely feels hydrated, even after just the first two days of usage, so I would say that promise is verified. As for pigmentation and redness reduction, I would say it's a work in progress because I don't think there is anything that works for pigmentation in under a month's time. I will say I've noticed my skin overall looks healthier so the serum is doing its job, just needs time to work. I'll check back in on my thoughts in another few weeks.

After my first purchase of the above vitamin C serum, I began looking online for other items that might be budget friendly but useful. I had just run out of The Body Shop's tea tree oil so I looked for acne solutions. I found this little gem which has tea tree oil as part of its mix. The next time I was at the District I picked this up. Check out this brand's products here.

Product Type: Serum 
Product Price: $10.00
Product Promises: "Hello clear skin good-bye blemish. This mild but effective roller ball calms the break out and helps prevent scarring."
Product Usage: 9 Days
Product Findings:  My skin was pretty much clear when I got this but a few days after putting it on some problem spots that had started to go away, three new problems popped up. I have to say this doesn't sting like pure tea tree oil does so that's a plus. It's been calming my spots but I cannot attest to its ability to help fight scarring because it's too soon to tell if it has done anything in that regard. Overall, if you have sensitive skin, this might be something to try. 

Honey Belle Detox Mask (Coconut Rose)

I love face masks! I think I own over five at any given time because I use different ones for different problems. I also use face masks frequently, at least three days a week! The struggle of having problematic hormones and skin is so very real. While I was browsing the popup store I came across this and figured why the heck not. 

Product Type: Mask
Product Price: $14.00
Product Promises: "This Detox Mask is a fun DIY way to keep your skin looking young. SP2 loves that the mask leaves the face with a glow and bentonite clay has been used for centuries to help pull out toxins from the skin."
Product Usage: 9 Days (used twice)
Product Findings:  I have used this product twice and both times I noticed this doesn't leave my face feeling stiff. That's a big change from other clay masks I've used. It should be noted that this is a powder and requires you to add water and mix it before using. I thought that was kind of fun and different since all my masks are usually pre-made and I'm just applying them. Overall, I will continue to use this mask but I didn't see a major, oh my God difference in my face after two uses. I will see how I feel in about a month's time.