I've been dating since June of this year and there have been a lot of first times for me that I figured I should share. It's importa...

My Dating Adventures | First Times

I've been dating since June of this year and there have been a lot of first times for me that I figured I should share. It's important to share findings and stories so we can all feel a sense of community. Also, I can't be the only one running into these  situations so here we go.

1. Dating Multiple People at The Same Time - I've never really been one to date loads of people and see where it goes. I dated three guys at the same time which was a first. Sadly, none of them were a fit but it was interesting trying to juggle names, back stories and such. For those who normally date multiple people at the same time, you are really cool and I salute you because it's exhausting and slightly stressful.

2. Using Dating Apps Consistently - I've never actually stuck to any dating app or website until this past summer. Granted, due to personal choices, I have slowed down the usage, but I did faithfully use them from June through the beginning of September. I went on several dates and dated two guys consistently before it not really working out. 

3. Sleeping Over on the First Date- I normally don't sleep with or near someone on the first date because I really need to be comfortable with someone to actually sleep. Case in point, I slept over the guy's house and slept maybe 30 minutes. I "woke up" exhausted and cranky. It proved that I should listen to myself and not do it. 

4. Having Better Chemistry with a Friend - I was dating this guy and met one of his friend's at his house party. Safe to say his friend totally charmed me and I had a little zing when he touched me. The friend and I had undeniable chemistry. I ended up going on a date and sleeping with said friend, after the guy and I parted ways. 

5. Mixing Up Back Stories - During the time when I was dating three guys at once, I mixed up back stories on two of them. The positive is the guy took it well and laughed because he said he never told me if he had siblings or not so it's not a big deal. You need to keep like a notebook when you're dating multiple people, I swear. 


  1. Sounds really similar to my experience when I was on dating apps! I'm in NYC and dating multiple people is totally the norm- I did get kind of good at it after being single for 3.5 years! Bravo for putting yourself out there and figuring out what works best for your fab single self :)

  2. I've never dated multiple people at the same time, but it sounds like a riot!

    Jas xx | https://thoughtsfromjasmine.co.uk

  3. I used a dating app while I was at Uni but I didn't really have much success with it. Well done for putting yourself out there, it's not easy!

    Eve | www.evemorganinteriors.com

  4. Interesting post. I've never used dating apps.