Today is the last day of 2018 and all I really have to say is what the ever loving fuck was that? Between politics, personal relationshi...

Not Resolutions but Goals

Today is the last day of 2018 and all I really have to say is what the ever loving fuck was that? Between politics, personal relationships and career struggles, I don't think I've ever had such a stressful or weird year in my 27 years of life. I'm glad this year is coming to an end so the only way is forward, yeah? 

While many people are making their "New Year's Resolution" or their list of resolutions, I've decided to change that thought. I don't want a "resolution" but instead I'm going to set goals for this year that I will check in on another post in the beginning of July, halfway through the year. So cheers to goals and hopefully you'll make goals instead of resolutions with me. 

1. Lose Weight - This might be controversial but to me this is important. I gained about 7-8 pounds just in the two and change weeks I was in Italy because of the constant drinking and intake of carbs (pasta, pizza, bread.....). When I came back from Italy it was just a snowball of constantly running when it came to work stuff and moving into my own apartment so my gym time dwindled and my motivation to go to the gym was pretty much nonexistent. Safe to say, I would like to be down 25 pounds by the end of the year which I think is very doable. In theory, I can achieve this by July or thereabout. I don't just want to the scale to move down, though, I also want to be a comfortable size 8 in pants. I teeter between 10 and 12 right now depending on the maker/style. 

(Italy, June 2018; Photo featured on my Instagram)

2. Travel Often - Since I'm unattached, single and have no children, I want to see the world, literally. I already have Taiwan paid off and booked as my birthday gift to myself. I'm so excited to see Lunar New Year in Taiwan in February. Puerto Rico and Spain are also on the calendar for July and June respectively. If I could, I would like to go at least three other places, two Domestically and one Internationally. My preference for Domestic travel would be Chicago and Los Angeles. I go home quite often (NYC) so I don't count that as actual traveling since I'm from there but I'll be there at least twice or thrice this year. My international addition would be preference to either Dominican Republic, I love it there, Cuba or somewhere in Canada (maybe Toronto or Quebec). Please note, any work travel I don't count as actual travel because I rarely get to do anything fun when I travel for work. 

3. Buy a New SUV/Car - The goal is to buy this by the end of January, actually. I need a new car for how much I drive and I have earned one, as well. Currently, I'm looking between a Mazda CX3 (crossover SUV) and an Acura ILX. I have to enjoy what I drive which is why I'm so picky. 

(December 2017)

4. Get a Dog - As many of you may recall, I had to put my dog to sleep not even a week ago. It's been a real struggle for not only me, but also my mom. My precious little Pomeranian was such a good dog, I want another one. I want one that is shades of grey, white and black preferably. Also, I want a male. I tend to bond best with male animals is what I've noticed. My goal is to meet with breeders and find one that bonds to me by March or April. I can hear everyone shouting about adopting BUT I will tell you why I do not want to. I want a purebred Pomeranian puppy which is almost nonexistent in any shelter or rehoming organization. I want this for very specific reasons including health (Pomeranians as they age tend to have trachea issues (windpipe which is what my dog suffered from) and hind leg issues. Additionally, I want the dog to bond to me, as well as my family and so forth, and be around for more than a few years. I'm a very emotional human so only having something for two years or so will ruin me, literally. 

5. Pay Off a Credit Card/Student Loan - This year I paid off one of my student loans. I was so proud of myself. In 2019, I would like to pay off one of my credit cards (I have four and only one is really high, the others have decent balances to keep my credit score in check) and one of my other student loans. This means I'll need to close several contracts but I think I can do it. I want to be student debt free by the time I'm 32 which I think is achievable.