Since getting all kinds of off with my workout schedule due to work stress, personal life stress and lack of motivation, I noticed my clo...

Do You Spin?

Since getting all kinds of off with my workout schedule due to work stress, personal life stress and lack of motivation, I noticed my clothes were just about to stop fitting. As a female in this digital age of photo editing and Instagram, is there really anything worse than that realization as you get dressed in the morning? Personally, outside of terminal illnesses, I can't think of anything worse. 

Rewind back to three weeks ago and you have me going back to Pop Pilates class. I felt good but frustrated because I couldn't do what I was used to. When I went to go to the class two days later, it was cancelled. The frustration of not being able to go when I showed up set in and I launched into researching cycle studios, yoga studios and barre studios. I looked on Groupon for deals, too. What did my research yeild? 

1. Soulcycle in River Oaks (about a 16 minute drive from my place)
2. Rush Cycle in Sugar Land (in my area and under a 7 minute drive)
3. Revolution Studio in Sugar Land and River Oaks (one location further away but the location in my area is under 4 minutes away)
5. Bar Method Montrose (this is close to Downtown so over 20 minutes worth of driving) 

The yoga studios I found didn't really have schedules that would fit me well so I passed on them. As a side note, Revolution does have yoga classes, I just haven't taken any. 
  • I found that Soulcycle had a promotion for your first class at $20.00 instead of the $30.00 it normally is. I bought it and I will be taking the class next Monday (9/23) evening after work. 
  • I found that Rush in Sugar Land had a promotion of trying a class for free (you get a second one after completing your first class) so I signed up that instant for a Sunday morning class. I now have a 4 class a month membership and have been four times. Love the studio, instructors, bikes and workout. 
  • I found Revolution Studio has a first time package of four classes for $45.00 (normally classes are $26.00 each so this was a deal). I've been to one class but found the bikes underwhelming. The instructor was fantastic. 
  • Finally, on Groupon, I found 10 barre classes at Bar Method for under $70. I take my first two classes next Tuesday and Thursday. 

Circling back to the title of this post, do you spin? I didn't think I would like it as much as I do but I love it. I enjoy taking two to three classes a week. I even took a 5:30 am class and felt alert and awake when it was over. If you know anything about me, I'm not a morning person. 

If there's someone out there struggling to view working out in a positive light or lacking motivation, I definitely suggest taking a group spin class. The spin studios have a lot of times where the lights are dim or it is hard to see next to you to give people privacy and create a safe space. A good instructor motivates and makes you want to work, hard, but reminds you that you to only take on what you can. I highly recomend Rush Cycle (only in certain States in the USA), Soulcycle and Revolution Studio (only in Houston Area-Sugar Land, River Oaks, Memorial City and Uptown Park). 


  1. I swear by group spinning classes too!
    None of the groups you mentioned are available in my country but I think that goes more to say that these classes are really great, no matter where you are from.
    I used to take spinning classes in my city and then I moved to another country for studies. I didn't know anyone there, didn't really speak the language... I joined a spinning class and it did wonders on my overall health, weight, strength and social skills as from what I have noticed, people in these classes tend to be quite sociable :)

  2. I've never tried spinning, but I've always seen that it is a really tough workout! Definitely going to try it at some point!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  3. I have just joined my local gym but I am yet to utelise it as the classes don't work with my work and I want to swim each morning before work and the pool has had a refurb reopening today!

    The gym has so many classes but as a newbie I am terrified to join them.

    Enjoy all your classes x x