Email is the communication method of choice in the business world. Anyone who blogs, works in any business environment or has attended any k...

4 Email Fails

Email is the communication method of choice in the business world. Anyone who blogs, works in any business environment or has attended any kind of school understands the importance of the almighty email. I'm going to share some funny email fails I've noticed since starting my job in Houston 1.5 years ago. I hope everyone laughs but also takes away a very important thing, read through every email you send out before sending it to avoid having an email fail!

1. Wrong Name? - On the receiving end, I have sent emails to vendors and clients alike with my signature clearing writing out my name as Samantha to get a response with them calling me "Stephanie" or some other S name. This shows the person wasn't paying much attention and can cause someone to feel offended. You didn't take the time to read who sent you the email before responding? Was the email that unimportant to you? Make sure you use the correct name when responding or sending an email and spell it correctly.

2. Asking What Was Already Answered - This is where I use "As per my last email" more than not. If you have questions about the email you're reading, read through it at least three times because most of those questions will be answered once you are able to process the email instead of just trying to respond and get it out of your inbox. Now, if the email is really confusing or leaves room for questions, definitely ask them.

3. Wrong Person? - Have you ever meant to send an email to someone but sent it to someone else? Yeah, it happens. This actually happened to me when I was sending an in-office email to alert the office that I had brought in cookies. One of my vendors has the first name as one of the office staff and I didn't check which email my Outlook contacts grabbed before sending the email. Luckily, it wasn't anything serious like trade secrets and my vendor said she'd stop by to grab one. More times than not, we have so much going on we forget to double-check what we are doing and it could end badly unlike my situation.

4. Misspelling Gone Wrong - This can go both ways with misspelling. There are people who use the wrong "your" and then there are people who misspell something that still makes a word but makes for an awkward email. For instance, before my assistant left, she was responding to an email of someone who's last name was Dickinson. Instead of writing Dickinson, she Dick. While I laughed, it was really embarrassing for her. On another note, I've seen lots of emails flying between vendors and my company where someone using the wrong "your" or "there" and it messes up the entire email. It takes me a minute to realize the person used the wrong one and then I have to reread it. Remember to reread everything before you hit send. It really can save you a headache, from embarrassment and from someone viewing you as less than professional.


  1. I am always super careful when I send emails... especially to names because otherwise, I know I am just not getting an answer. I think wrong names and bad spelling are the most common mistakes i see when i receive emails

  2. This painfully reminds me of that one time when I sent applications for internships out to high schools (I was training to be a teacher) and copied and pasted the same message 10 times. Nine times I had the name of the school right. The 10th time I forgot to change it... I am emberrassed to this very day.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  3. I get this all the time as a blogger when brands send emails to me!! As soon as the misspell my name I can't help but be put off from the start x

    Morgan //

  4. these are always hilarious!

    I've made a few errors sometime :(