1. "Ghosting" - Technology is the greatest thing but with the greatness comes awfulness. I swear people under 30, a decent por...

Dating Trends That Need to Die Out in 2019

1. "Ghosting" - Technology is the greatest thing but with the greatness comes awfulness. I swear people under 30, a decent portion, struggle to deal with issues head on and also struggle to communicate well in person and via phone. The "ghosting" crap comes from people not wanting to just say, "Hey, I'm not interested" or some variation of that and instead avoids communication hoping the "problem" will go away. Grow up and let someone know because it's immature, pitiful and spineless to just ignore someone instead of communicating your lack of interest. 

2. "Netflix and Chill" - Whenever I hear this I cringe because it's the lazy person's way out of a date but also code for someone plans to get laid. If a comfortable night in is what you're looking for, I'm all for it, I'm just not all for someone putting in minimal effort and expecting something. What happened to wanting to go out, get to know a person and enjoy someone's company before automatically trying to get them into bed? 

3. "Keeping Options Open" - The people who string along others drive me nuts. Seriously, let someone know you're dating multiple people or aren't looking for anything serious so people can manage their own expectations and see if even dealing with you is worth their time. For two seconds, stop being self-absorbed and respect other people's feelings and time. Good karma and all that, yeah? 

4. Use of Dating Apps for Hookups - The applications are called dating applications for a freaking reason, people! Stop using them to easily access someone to warm your bed with minimal effort. If you're looking for an easy lay, take your lazy self out to a bar or lounge and look for someone interested in a one-night stand. Dating, getting to know someone and figuring out if you can have a relationship with someone is not something to be played with, used or mocked. I'm so tired of the commitment phobic sentiments in a large portion of people under 30. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but there's also a lot of trash. Stop being trash. 

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  1. Netflix and chill, I definitely think that isn’t around much anymore. At least I don’t hear it as much.