I have to start out by saying I LOVE Taiwan. I'm definitely planning on returning within the next few years. The culture, food, peo...

My Top Taipei Site Seeing List

I have to start out by saying I LOVE Taiwan. I'm definitely planning on returning within the next few years. The culture, food, people and shopping were all amazing. If Taipei isn't on your list, you're missing out on a great city and some really awesome food. The night markets are well worth attending between the food and the items shown. Personally, I acme back with a quarter of my suitcase filled with souvenirs, clothing, beauty products and snacks. I decided to compile this list so hopefully it piques your interest in Taipei, Taiwan. All these photographs are mine. I took them while in Taiwan earlier this year. 

1. Taipei 101 - This structure is like the Empire State Building of Taiwan. It's known for having the fastest elevator in the world and is a beautiful modern building with hints of its Asian roots in design. It also boasts restaurants, an observatory for a fantastic view over the City and shopping.

2. Moon Bus - This is a total tourist trap/Instagram trap but it's cute and right across the street from Taipei 101. I think the best time to see it and take photos inside of it is after 10 pm at night. 

3. Shongshan Ciyou Temple - One simply does not go to Taiwan and not see a temple, or four. This is one of the most famous temples in Taipei which means it is almost always extremely crowded. It's near Rahoe Night Market so make sure to go to this temple midday or so to stay for the opening of the night market. 

4. Chih Nan Temple (Zhinan Temple) - I walked so many steps to get to this temple but every step was worth it for the magnificent view and the interesting stories about the temple immortal mixed with the temple itself. 

5. Lin Family Mansion and Garden - This tends to be very crowded but it was very pretty with true Chinese architecture very obvious within the buildings and the layout. 

6. Ximending - Think a calm, clean and less expensive Times Square and you get Ximending. This is where I purchased the most stuff from socks to souvenirs for family and friends. It's totally worth it and if you can't find it in Ximending, it probably doesn't exist!

7. Raohe Night Market - Here is where I tried deep fried soft shelled crab! It was delicious, in case you were wondering. This is a famous night market and is very crowded but very interesting. There's a lot to see, buy and eat. Definitely worth the crowd! 

8. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall - First, this has an incredible view of Taipei 101 behind it (reference the above photo). Second, there's so much in this area to see and read and know. Very interesting and easily accessible in the Xinyi District, a 20-ish minute walk from Taipei 101. 

9. Lungshan Temple - This temple is always VERY crowded and one of the busiest temples around. It's not only beautiful but also very humbling. The earlier you go, the better! 

10. Tonghua Night Market - This night market was literally a two minute walk from where I was staying so I ended up in it several times for dinner and to buy things such as fruits and souvenirs. It is a bit more local and less touristy which I loved but it's still pretty packed during the "peak" hours. 


  1. It looks beautiful here! I really must make a point of putting Taiwan on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my gosh your photos are beautiful! This really makes me want to visit, it sounds like you had a great time. It wans't a place I really considered before - definitely will now! Thansk!